J. Scott Shipman is an author, speaker and entrepreneur.

Creating an environment within your organization of excellence and innovation

A culture that passionately promotes, practices, and makes the most of individual curiosity and individual action, and is a culture with a competitive advantage.

To Be or To Do is a challenge to initiative and purpose with integrity. Using timeless principles and innovative methods, we enable businesses and organizations to identify and achieve their vision, with the aim of creating a culture of sustained excellence, and hopefully a place where innovators can work their magic.

Excellence in organizational culture is our goal.

What is culture? Culture is all about relationships and order. The Latin root of culture is cultura which is derived from an agricultural term meaning to cultivate. Much like planting a garden of flowers or vegetables, your culture is organic and alive. It needs to be tilled, cultivated, tended and guarded to flourish, otherwise it will be choked by weeds of chaos and disorder. The culture within your company walls should be both vital and growing. If not, it is stagnating in mediocrity – or worse, dying.

Is your culture a place of cookie-cutter conformity where people do as they’re told and nothing more?

Your culture can and should provide an environment where people can contribute, develop, and flourish.

To Be or To Do encompasses the creation of vital and growing environments where people are empowered, expected, and encouraged to contribute, develop, improve and enhance their skills and abilities to ultimately flourish.

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Photo by Ed Solomon Photography